ECON 490: Advanced Public Finance (undergraduate), Winter 2020, University of Michigan

University of Michigan (Instructor: Ashley Craig)

Median evaluation score: 4.9/5 (university-wide median: 4.6)

Feedback from students:

  • Really awesome GSI. Wanted to help students whenever she could. Took her time to explain the material and if you didn't understand would re explain and make sure that regardless of how many people would be there that everyone understood. She was super knowledgable and you could tell she knew the subject. She was in great relation with the professor so you could email her the same questions you would ask the professor. Nice to have someone so passionate about her work!!

  • This is indeed an advanced course. Some materials are clearly much more challenging than materials in all other ECON courses I have taken. That said, Prof. Criag and Ellen make this course enjoyable and really help me learn a great deal about public economics and how to write professional, well–polished memos. I now have more interest in continuing to learn economics in my incoming grad school program.

  • Teaching was so good in this class. Really wish more teachers and GSI's taught with so much clarity and passion! ...Ellen also did an incredible job and really made herself available to answering any questions on the problem set or the essays! She worked really hard to get back grades and time and works really hard and its super noticeable.

ECON 695: Introduction to Economic Research (doctoral), Fall 2018, University of Michigan

University of Michigan (Instructors: John Bound and Andrei Levchenko)

Note: No GSI evaluations were requested for this course. Primary tasks were giving feedback on research ideas and organizing faculty panels.

ECON 452: Intermediate Introduction to Statistics and Econometrics II (undergraduate), Winter 2018, University of Michigan

University of Michigan (Instructor: Asenka Asenova)

Median evaluation score: 4.69/5 and 4.75/5 (university-wide median: 4.5)

Feedback from students:

  • Very well formulated with a high focus on the most important concepts needed out of this course. No time was wasted in any of these sections.

  • Ellen was probably one of the best GSI's I've had at UM. She explains the material very clearly in section and her handouts are always very helpful.

  • Ellen was a really great GSI! She made all sections relevant to course material and worthwhile to attend, which has not been the case in some other econ classes. She explained all problems clearly and generally did a great job of reinforcing the material from lecture.

  • Ellen Stuart was a fantastic GSI for the course. Once I started going to lab regularly, I was surprised how much I learned from the one hour sessions with her.

ECON 503: Probability and Mathematical Statistics I (masters), Fall 2017, University of Michigan

University of Michigan (Instructor: Asenka Asenova)

Note: No GSI evaluations were requested for this course.

ECON 251: Intermediate Microeconomics (undergraduate), Fall 2008

Williams College (Instructor: Sarah Jacobson)

Note: No TA evaluations were requested for this course.