The Impact of Withdrawal Penalties on Retirement Savings (with Victoria L. Bryant). Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 232, 105083, April 2024.

Working Papers

A Welfare Analysis of Tax Audits Across the Income Distribution (with William C. Boning, Nathaniel Hendren, and Ben Sprung-Keyser). Revise and resubmit at The Quarterly Journal of Economics.

Coverage: Washington Post, Bloomberg, NBER

Does Giving Tax Debtors a Break Improve Compliance and Income? Evidence from Quasi-Random Assignment of IRS Revenue Officers (with William C. Boning, Joel Slemrod, and Alex Turk). Revise and resubmit at Economic Inquiry. [draft available upon request]

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The Effects of Increasing the Full Retirement Age on Retirement Savings: Evidence from U.S. Tax Data (with Victoria L. Bryant, Jonathan M. Leganza, and Dhiren Patki)